A Garbage Casserole That’s Good Enough To Eat

Whenever we go shopping, we always try and tell ourselves that this is the week that we’re going to eat healthy. My husband and I fill up the cart with fresh vegetables and talk about how we are going to get in all of our recommended servings this week. Well, the week goes by, we eat a few servings, and the rest of the once lively and crisp vegetables are still sitting in the fridge.

Now, they are soft and edging on the brink of hitting the compost pile. I am not one that likes to waste food if I can help it. It drives me crazy every time I have to throw something away that we spent our hard-earned money on.

Luckily for me, one day I came across this Garbage Casserole on Recipe Lion. Okay, so the name might be a little intimidating, but the flavor makes up for it! One bite into this dish and I was hooked.

Not only did all of our extra vegetables make it taste incredible, I felt better about not having to pitch anything! Even my kids liked it with all the gooey cheese on top. We are going to be having this again soon for sure!

Recipe courtesy of Recipe Lion and photo credits go to Recipe Great.



Quick Tip: You can also do this in the crock pot if you extend the cooking time to 5 to 6 hours on medium heat.


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