The 6 Soup And Stew Recipes Moms Swear By

6 soups and stews macaroni and cheese soup with meatloaf croutons

You’ll Wish You Knew About These Ages Ago!

There’s no better time for soups and stews than these colder months of the year! I tend to go a little crazy with cooking during the winter, and my husband often calls me the soup lady…

He doesn’t mind, though – our whole family enjoys soups and stews, especially “the best of the best” recipes that I’ve collected over the years. These recipes are so familiar at our house that my kids can recognize them by the aroma when they come home from school. Let’s just say I don’t have to ring the dinner bell twice, when I’m serving one of these yummy meals!

One really nice thing about all of these 6 recipes is that you can easily double them for a larger batch. That way you’ll (hopefully) get some leftovers that you can enjoy for lunch the next day. It’s not guaranteed, though… Like I said, these recipes are super yummy!

If I had to name my favorite one of these, it would be… no, wait. I don’t think I can name just one. They all make my mouth water! What I do know is that we are having #2 for dinner tonight, and I can’t wait!


Quick tip: Make a double batch to enjoy delicious leftovers for lunch the next day.


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