6 Country Style Recipes That Will Make You Want To Leave The City For Good

6 country style recipes roasted potatoes

We Are Crazy In Love With These – And You Will Be, Too

They say your home is where your heart is, but my husband always says his home is where they make the best food. In his opinion, that’s the countryside. He never got used to the city life when he was studying and he said one of the things he missed the most were the country style recipes.

I don’t know – I think he may have exaggerated a little when he said you can’t get authentic country style food in the city, no matter how hard you try. I’m sure you can, if you happen to find the right place with a great chef. Apparently he hadn’t found one so, instead, he decided to start making his favorite recipes himself.

This list includes my husband’s favorite country style recipes, as well as some that always remind me of home. Whether you’re right at home or far away from it, I’m sure you’ll find these awesome recipes comforting and tasty!

Feel free to let me know in the comments below if you have some great country style recipes, too. I’m sure our readers would love to read about them as well!


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Cinnamon is not listed among the ingredients; however, first paragraph of instructions states, “Mix together the water, oats, maple or brown sugar, honey, butter, salt and CINNAMON. Please explain.

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