5 Simple Weeknight Dinners That Will Make You Sing Their Praises

5 weeknight dinner ideas hot meatloaf sandwich

These Homemade Meals Ooze Love And Comfort!

It’s not always easy to plan and cook homemade meals for your family. Coming up with tasty weeknight dinner ideas can be a struggle! You have to consider the budget, the time and the picky little eaters that always seem to find something suspicious on their plate.

Yet, you don’t want to get takeout every night of the week, right? Trust me, I’ve done that alright – but it didn’t make me feel any better. Sure, I probably saved some time not having to cook at all, but I certainly didn’t save any money or improve the picky eater situation!

Over the years I’ve collected a bunch of easy dinner recipes that I make when everyone in my family seems to be in need of a hearty, comforting meal. These five recipes never fail, and I guarantee they will make you feel better in an instant! These are all picky eater-approved (she gave number three a 5-star rating), and they’re easy on your wallet, too!

If you’re cooking for a larger crowd, all of these are super easy to scale up. So they are great for potlucks and family gatherings as well!


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When I shop at my favorite supermarket. The first thing I do is to look page by page at what’s on sale. Usually they have a few things in every department. Produce, cereal, grocery items can tomato products., pasta etc. then check the meat dept. Chicken, ground beef, pork etc. Then dairy eggs, cheese, yogurt sour cream or cottage etc. then bacon, sausage, hot dogs etc. Then bread isle or bakery dept. buy only what’s on sale. Paper products, toilet,towel baggies etc. Every week they change but they always put different items on sale in every dept. about every four weeks they repeat. Try not to buy anything that’s not on sale, unless you have to. You will be supprised at how much you will save. If ground beef is on sale buy several lbs. and freeze, when you need more it will probably be on sale again in a couple of weeks.

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