5 Cheesy Recipes Famous Chefs Secretly Enjoy

5 cheesy recipes cheesy potato smoked sausage casserole

These Cheesy Recipes Will Make You Want To Slap Your Mama

I’m so excited about today’s collection of recipes because it just so happens it is my favorite topic; cheesy recipes! Who doesn’t like cheese? I mean, come on – every decent comfort food recipe includes cheese, and I bet you could turn a so-so dinner into a mouth watering meal just by adding some of your favorite cheese.

Whether you are looking for an appetizer, a soup or a hearty casserole, you’ll find a delicious, cheesy option right here, on this list. Every one of these is a staple at our house, and if I don’t make them for a while I start getting weird looks from my kids, haha!

You could easily tweak the flavors by using different kinds of cheese each time you make these. Blue cheese is one of my absolute favorites, so even though it’s not listed in these recipes I often add it to these. I know some people hate it but I couldn’t live without it! What’s your favorite kind of cheese? Are you a fan of stronger flavors or do you swear by the milder ones?


Quick tip: Try different kinds of cheeses for these to enjoy new flavors!


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