4-Ingredient Cinnamon Honey Butter Spread

When it comes to honey butter I usually pick up a jar at the local grocery store. However, that tiny jar usually costs around 5 bucks. Ain’t nobody got time to be shelling out that sort of money. So, I turned to the internet to find a DIY recipe that I could make myself. Boy oh boy, did I find one! This 4-ingredient cinnamon honey butter sure is a gem. You’ll have no problem polishing off this deliciousness.

Check out what our pals over at My Incredible Recipes had to say about this recipe:

GUYS, this stuff is so yummy, I am literally addicted to putting it on everything… its awesome on toast, bagels, english muffins, regular muffins, rolls, biscuits…

I love slathering this stuff all over a toasty bagel. Oh boy!



1/2 cup Kerrygold butter, softened
2 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons Domino powdered sugar
2 teaspoons McCormick cinnamon


Beat your butter until creamy using a hand mixer.
Mix in your honey, powdered sugar, and cinnamon.
Use a spatula to scoop into a small dish and serve with warm rolls, toast, muffins or even just on a spoon!





Quick Tip: This cinnamon honey butter works well as both a spread or dip.

Big thanks to My Incredible Recipes for this delicious recipe!


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