4-Cheese Pumpkin Pasta Casserole – You’re Gonna LOVE It!

Whenever I think of a nutritious but a delicious pasta bake, the first thing that comes to mind is Mrs. Jughead’s four cheese pumpkin pasta bake.

Okay, so her surname’s not really Jughead, but it’s what the neighbors call the kind Mrs. Smith because they said she looks like Jughead Jones from the Archie Comics series. And Mrs. Smith is just fine with that so we call her Mrs. Jughead! Anyway, Mrs. Jughead is a fan of healthy dishes. She’s not vegetarian or pescetarian, but she loves making dishes out of vegetables. When I say a lot, I mean a lot! n our neighborhood, there is always a simple gathering happening in one of the houses with the biggest backyards. Mrs. Jughead is proud of her backyard garden so most of the time, we hold this simple gathering in her house.

Last time’s gathering was probably the best one when it came to food. As time passed by, the neighbors became braver with what they’re bringing to the gathering (it’s sort of like potluck) so the dishes improved every time. But during last time’s gathering, Mrs. Jughead’s casserole was the one that stole the show.

It was a simple pumpkin pasta bake, but the four cheese ingredient made it so much more special. I love pumpkins, but I never imagined pumpkin tasting that good in a casserole. And I think it’s the cheese’s fault, or maybe we can’t call it “fault”, but you get what I mean. That night, the first casserole dish that became empty was Mrs. Jughead’s; and it’s not a surprise!




Quick Tip: Serve this with a side dish of steamed or roasted vegetables.


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