You’re Never Going To Look At Meatloaf The Same Way Again

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After my oldest son was born, my husband and I decided that it was time to get serious about learning how to cook. We went from living with our parents, who did all the cooking for us, to living in the city, where it was cheaper to go out to eat for just the two of us than what it was to go grocery shopping. Now that we were back in the country, we wanted to make use of our nice and beautiful kitchen. I was busy working away in the kitchen one day and decided I wanted to do something special with my meatloaf.

It was Tuesday, and traditionally we had tacos, but we didn’t have any shells so I was doing the ol’ standby of meatloaf. That’s when it hit me to mix the ideas of taco and meatloaf together. I came up with a recipe that was very similar to this one from Boulder Locavore.

My husband and I loved it! Now we have three growing boys, and I continue to make this for them all the time. There are never and hungry stomachs when this is on the table.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Boulder Locavore.


Quick Tip: Mexican blend cheese can also be used.

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