Out Of Time Pizza Tortellini Bake

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Pizza is a Friday night staple at our house. Every week we get takeout or if I’m feeling really ambitious, I will make a homemade pie. Usually, we are all very excited for this end of the week celebration. However, on this particular week, we had pizza on Wednesday for my niece’s birthday party. Having pizza again just a couple days later didn’t sound like a good idea. I decided to go on a hunt for something similar, but different.

That’s when I found this recipe on Spend with Pennies. A one pan pizza tortellini bake that looked amazing. The ingredients were simple, and so were the instructions, so when I got home from my last hour of work that week, I started in the kitchen. It went together quick and because there was only one pan, cleanup was just as fast.

My family gobbled it right up and they were so happy we weren’t having pizza again. I’ll hang onto this recipe just in case we ever run into that scenario… or for when I just feel like sinking my teeth into the amazing taste!

Recipe courtesy of Spend with Pennies. Photo credits go to Heather Likes Food.



Quick Tip: Whatever toppings you like on your pizza can go into this dish.

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