Spicy, Feisty Mexican Potato Skins

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The other day, sally and I were chatting over hot coffee and homemade cookie bars. I had looked into my pantry and noticed that I had an abundance of baking supplies like M&Ms and chocolate chips. I decided to bake up a batch of colorful cookie bars to use up some of the ingredients. As my wonderful neighbor and I sat eating and sipping we discussed how some appetizers are more like entrees.

I brought up potato skins because to me they are definitely more of a meal than they are a prelude to a meal. Sally and I discussed all of the different ways potato skins can be prepared. I think my favorite way is fully-loaded but Sally said she enjoyed Mexican potato skins.

I love Mexican food so I asked Sally to please tell me more about this yummy recipe. She told me what Mexican potato skins entailed and my mouth was watering.

So, I of course had to go out and fetch the ingredients to make these remarkable Mexican potato skins. And yes, my family and I ate them as an entree and not as an appetizer 🙂

Recipe and photo courtesy of Group Recipes and Get Inspired Everyday.



Quick Tip: I like using Yukon Gold potatoes when making these Mexican potato skins.

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