Salsa Stuffed Mushrooms That Will Have You Doing The Tango!

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I was standing up in a wedding a few years ago for one of my best college friends. We lived together in the dorms. That was our first meeting. I’ll never forgot how shy and uncomfortable she looked that first day when I walked in and introduced myself. Now, she was a powerful, successful business woman, and she was marrying the man of her dreams. She had come so far since I that first meeting, and I was so very proud of her.

She was on a strict diet prior to sharing nuptials with her Prince Charming, because she wanted to make sure she could fit into her dress! That was kind of a bummer for me. That meant there would only be finger foods at the shower and bachelorette party.

I wasn’t a real big fan of most of the items they brought around, but the salsa stuffed mushrooms, like these ones from Spend with Pennies, were absolutely amazing. They kind of tasted like pizza, believe it or not. Every time this tray came around, I was sure to fill up my plate!

Recipe courtesy of Spend with Pennies. Photo credits to Su’s Healthy Living.


Quick Tip: Add more cheese to suit your personal tastes.

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