Picnic Perfect Pasta Salad

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My best friend had her wedding shower last summer. It was actually at the very beginning of the summer, because they were going to be having a nice fall wedding. She wanted to marry the man of her dreams, but she didn’t want to spend and arm and a leg getting down the aisle. After finally just paying off the debt from my own marriage after five years, I admired her way of thinking.

She knew that no amount of money would make her love her fiance more than what she already did. I suggested instead of a big fancy wedding shower, maybe do a potluck style gathering that was a little more laid back.

She loved the idea. It brought about a lot of yummy dishes that we would have never been otherwise to enjoy as well. One of my favorites was the pasta salad that one of her aunts had brought in. I think I had three helpings of it!

It was a lot like this recipe from All Recipes. I had her write it down that day before we packed all the gifts up and said our goodbyes. It’s one of my most loved summer dishes now.

Recipe and photo courtesy of All Recipes.


Quick Tip: Toss in some diced red onions for more color and flavor.

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