The Perfect Sunday Afternoon Chili

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Whenever we were home on the weekends back in the day when I lived with my parents, we loved to lounge around in our jammies the whole time. We would watch movies, do puzzles, play games, and just hang out. Those were some of the best days. When I got older, I always thought that I should be going and going, until I had kids of my own. I missed those days of sitting around doing nothing all weekend.

Between sports games, working on the house, and attending events for friends and family, it hardly ever happened anymore. When I knew we had a weekend coming up with nothing to do, I decided that I was going to makes some tasty foods to go with our relaxing weekend.

I found this chili recipe on Group Recipes, and knew that it was going to work out perfectly for our Sunday afternoon. I could toss everything together in the morning after and breakfast, and by lunch time or mid-afternoon it would be ready.

It worked out just as I had expected, and it was super tasty. It was the ultimate comfort food for our chill time at home with the family.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Group Recipes.


Quick Tip: Feel free to adjust the spices.

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