Move Fast Because These Meatballs Will Be Gone In The Blink Of An Eye

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It was time again for our kid’s school to host their annual fundraiser. All the parents, and the local community, were invited to a night of dinner, dancing, and fun at the school cafeteria. They always hold raffle drawings and various other games and events through the night to help and raise money for the school. It pays for books, school supplies, various trips, and whatever else the kids need to succeed, so we always make sure to go. It was going to be different this time though, to save even more money, they asked that everyone bring a dish to pass, instead of having it catered in.

That was fine with me, I thought it made perfect sense. We didn’t have to get crazy with it either. With everyone bringing something, a standard sized potluck dish would do. I knew what I was making, my Grandma’s famous sweet and sour meatballs.

They are super simple to make, and everyone always loved them. They are just like this recipe from Spend with Pennies. They were a huge crowd pleaser that night too. I got to walk out with an empty crock pot…and the school raised a ton of money for the year!

Recipe courtesy of Spend with Pennies. Photo credits to Spring Brook Farms.


Quick Tip: Use homemade or frozen meatballs.

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