Mmmmuah! Lip-Smacking Good Crock Pot Ravioli

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When my kids first started school. we tried to go the hot lunch route. I remembered when I was in school, that’s all we ever got. Mom and Dad didn’t have the time or the want to package three kids a lunch every morning when they were already trying to get us ready for school so we could get to the bus and they could get to work. The first few years with my little ones it worked out okay. Then, when they got older, they started complaining about it.

It started a discussion at the dinner table with me and my husband about how much we used to enjoy hot lunches at school. We were going over some of our favorite dishes when I remembered the ravioli. It was always smothered in cheese and covered in sauce…those lunches I looked forward to.

I instantly had to look for my own way to duplicate that at home. I found this recipe on for crock pot ravioli and thought, Shazam! Not only was in the food I was looking for, it was also going to be simple in the slow cooker. Double win!

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Quick Tip: Try it with some diced up spicy Italian sausage…yummy!

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