This Creamy Burrito Casserole Just Changed The Game

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It was our turn to drive nearly eight hours to go and see some good friends from college. It is a trip that we don’t necessarily look forward to on the road, but when we get there, we are so glad that we made it. It’s not always so easy to travel with two little ones, but we make the sacrifice at least once a year, sometimes more if we can. My girlfriend that we were going to see, usually sends me a menu to approve, just because she doesn’t  know what my kids are going to eat and what they won’t.

She wants to have all the shopping done before we get there so we aren’t spending our limited time together on the road to the grocery store. This time, on the list I saw creamy burrito casserole. Next to it she had written,, which means that’s where she found it. I told her it was worth a shot.

I know I would like it. We had this dish the first night that we were there. I’m not sure if it was because the kids were exhausted and starving from the car ride or not, but they all cleared their plates without a peep.

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Quick Tip: Use pepper jack cheese.

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