Super Terrific Seafood Lasagna Rollups Will have You Dancing In The Sand!

Hey, everyone! Today I bring you a delicious casserole that is just like lasagna, but a tad different. Do you want to know what that difference is? Of course, you do, ya nosey little gopher! 🙂 Instead of layering everything in the baking dish like you would do for a traditional lasagna, you will be rolling all of the ingredients up and adding in seafood! It really is a simple process and tastes just as great as classic lasagna.

I do declare that Garfield would even approve of this method. If you are a mama or daddy of picky eaters, trust me, the kiddos will love this for dinner. I find that I like seafood rollup lasagna better than layered lasagna.

To me, the texture is just better. I can’t really describe it. You will have to try it for yourself to truly understand what I am talking about. I added an extra layer of cheese on top of this lasagna because we are big cheese eaters in my family. You can add more or less depending on your tastes. Enjoy!

Recipe courtesy of Group Recipes and Big Oven.



Quick Tip: I always sprinkle a generous layer of parmesan cheese on top of the rollups before putting it into the oven to bake.


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