You’ll Have A Hard Time Keeping Folks Out Of The Kitchen When This Bacon Pasta Is Cooking

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My sister and I started a tradition back when we were in college. It was up to the other one to supply a birthday dinner for whomever was celebrating their special day. Now, not only did you have to make the dinner, you had to make a dinner that the other one would like. If they didn’t enjoy it, then the person that made the dinner, had to do dishes for a month. Now, we live separately, so that doesn’t really work anymore.

We always say the other one has to babysit for a month, but neither one of us ever turns down a chance to do that so it’s irrelevant. In any case, this year I made a bacon pasta that I found on It looked fairly easy, and my sister loves bacon and mushrooms.

This went over extremely well, not just with her, but with everyone at the dinner table. Even the little ones liked it. I paired it with a tossed salad and a nice dinner roll. Nobody walked away from the table hungry I know that.

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Quick Tip: Use whatever pasta you have on hand.

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