YOLO! So Make This ROLO Cheesecake Now!

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My daughter has probably the biggest sweet tooth out of everyone that I have ever met. If there is candy in the house, and you want to eat it, it has to be hidden. I always tell my other two kids to stash their sweet treats away if they don’t want them to disappear. Whenever you go in the cupboards, I can guarantee you won’t find anything chocolate in there. I don’t know where she got this sweet tooth from, maybe her aunt who is also crazy for anything chocolate.

They actually share a birthday so it’s very possible they also share this trait. That’s why, when their special day came around, I knew I had to make something covered in candy. When doing a quick search, I found this recipe for no-bake Rolo cheesecake on Spend With Pennies.

I knew it was it. They both loved Rolo candies. When my hubby brings home snacks for the kids after work, that’s usually what she gets, and they don’t stand a chance. Between her and her aunt, this cake didn’t either!

Recipe courtesy of Spend With Pennies. Photo credits to The Wiki.


Quick Tip: Make and freeze if you want to get ahead of the game.

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