This Is The Only Way You Should Ever Eat Cabbage

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My grandparent’s parents, came as immigrants to the United States from Germany. With them they brought all of their traditional recipes. As a result, my Grandma learned how to cook all of their classic cuisine. One thing that she always cooked with just about every meal…or so it seemed….was fried cabbage. When I was younger, I wouldn’t touch the stuff. My parents always really enjoyed it, but I didn’t understand the appeal. Only when I got older did I start to appreciate the flavor of the food.

That’s when I started searching and experimenting with different methods of cooking it. When I found this sweet and sour version with bacon on Spicy Southern Kitchen, I knew I had stumbled upon something amazing. I made it first at home, and my husband and I ate the entire pan.

Later, I made it and took it to a family gathering. Everyone came up and complimented me on my newer version of the traditional dish. Even Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed it. If you’re going to make cabbage, this is the only way to do it!

Recipe courtesy of Spicy Southern Kitchen. Photo credits to Pinterest.


Quick Tip: Serve with Knockwurst or Bratwurst.

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