This 3 Ingredient Lemony Cake Will Bring The Summer Days Closer!

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Some of my new favorite ingredients to use are pie fillings.  Sure, it is fun to make my own apple pie filling, but geez? Peel all the apples, core all the apples, slice all the apples, lemon all the apples so they do not turn black…it’s a hassle and takes loads of time!  But pie fillings, they are so easy to use since it is just open the can and you are good to go.  I think this time saver is absolutely worth it!

One of my new favorite flavors to enjoy is lemon cake.  It is perfectly sweet and tangy all at the same time.  I have made this as a layer in cheesecake and as a layer between vanilla cake.

They all have the perfect taste and texture which makes it amazing.  Try this cake with lemon filling, or cherry filling or anything else that suits your fancy! All of these are amazing options to make into a dump cake and with this one recipe, you can pretty much try them all and not fail.

So here is one recipe that will give you quite a few tasty dessert options.  You will never be bored of the same old dessert again!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Blog Lovin’.



Quick Tip: Use any pie filling you’d like to switch up the flavor.

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