There’s No Better Way To Eat Mashed Potatoes Than This

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Whenever my family and I have time to sit down at the table together, which isn’t often, I try and do something big. Usually I have a son running off to play basketball or soccer, a daughter in gymnastics and volleyball, a husband that’s working too many hours, and then there’s me, who’s just trying to keep everything in order. I do my best though, and that includes keeping a close eye on the schedule so I know who’s going to be where at what time. When that schedule opens up, I plan for a nice homemade meal.

That meal almost always includes mashed potatoes. Everyone in my family loves them. Trouble is, sometimes I make a few too many. Then, I’m wondering what to do with leftover taters. That’s when I came across this recipe on Spend with Pennies for loaded potato bombs.

Insane! I made these one day following a nice family meal for an afternoon snack. I think my kids actually sat down for a few minutes and told me about their day! It was a nice change, and the loaded bombs were absolutely amazing.

Recipe courtesy of Spend with Pennies. Photo credits to The Ravenous Princess.


Quick Tip: Try them with a gravy dipping sauce.

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