A Slow Cooker Pork Chop Recipe You Don’t Want To Miss!

I love a good, creamy crock pot recipe!

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One thing I love about cooking is how much variety there is and how many different things you can do with one main ingredients. For example, I love chicken.  For years I had it prepared the same way: marinated with lime, garlic, salt and pepper and then grilled to perfection.  Although it was delicious, one day I realized I had grown a little tired it.  Since then I have made Mexican shredded chicken, I have prepared a delicious meal of BBQ chicken, I’ve made chicken in the crock pot with a creamy ranch sauce. 

The options for chicken are truly endless. Since that is the case with chicken, I knew it would likely be the same for other meats.  I looked for a similar recipe for different kinds of meat and came up with a few good ones.

Crock pot ribs were certainly a hit with BBQ sauce and loads of grilled onions! Another favorite was tomato ground beef. It was perfectly sweet and salty at the same time.  The absolute favorite though, was a creamy slow cooker pork chop coated in Ranch flavoring. So much flavor and creaminess!

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Mom Maven.




Quick Tip: Serve this over mashed potatoes.

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