Sing A Song Of Celebration For This Chocolate Mousse Pie

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My mother always made cream pies when I was growing up. From banana cream to peanut butter pie, she made them all and we loved them. I can remember this time when she made a chocolate mousse pie and it was so silky and creamy. The flavor of this pie was unimaginable. My mom is such a good cook and she always came up with the best desserts.

Her mousse pie was one of them. I have an entire binder dedicated to mom’s desserts and casseroles. Seriously, this binder is like the Bible of cooking.

So, the other day I was cruising the internet and looking for awesome pie desserts when i came across this chocolate mousse pie recipe that had been written by someone else’s mom.

I thought it looked simple enough to make so I went to the grocery store and gathered the ingredients. I whipped it up and wouldn’t you know, it tasted almost as good as my mom’s recipe. What is it with moms and making amazing desserts? Must be all o their love and experience 🙂

Recipe and photo courtesy of Group Recipes and Afternoons And Coffee Spoons.



Quick Tip: For a deeper chocolate flavor, I increase the unsweetened chocolate to 4 ounces.

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