Set It And Forget It Summer Time Pot Roast

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Summer time is always so busy. It seems like by the time we get out of work, take care of what needs to be done with the kids and house, and enjoy some time outside, there isn’t a minute to spare. A lot of the times, I prefer to do my cooking outdoors when the weather is nice. You can’t have grilled food all the time where I live, so when the opportunity presents itself, we take it.

There are of course some of those days, even in the summer, where it just rains all day, or it doesn’t get quite warm enough to cook outside. When I know one of those days are coming, I usually take advantage of using my crock pot indoors.

It’s still too warm to crank on the oven all day for a pot roast like this one from Group Recipes, so that’s what makes the slow cooker ideal. It’s also awesome because you don’t waste any time doing the actual cooking.

Just throw it in there in the morning before leaving for work and then when we get home, dinner is ready to go. It’s a huge time saver.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Group Recipes.


Quick Tip: Make a nice homemade gravy out of your leftover au jus.

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