Did You Say Something About Tomato Soup Cake? I Sure Did, Son!

Sally, my neighbor and the gal you so often read about in my posts, has come up with some really crazy cooking ideas but I think this one takes “the cake.” So, the other day I was sitting in my living room folding laundry and Sal comes barrelling into my house like she just won the lottery. She had a plate of cake in her hands. I asked her what on earth had her so fired up today. Sally told me that it was the cake she was holding. At first, I thought the cake was a red velvet cake but I soon learned that it definitely was not…it was something better.

Now, granted, cake is always great but Geez Lousie, Sally was acting like she held the cure to cancer in her hands or something. I asked Sally what was so special about this particular cake and she told me that it contained a secret ingredient. There was an awkward silence. “Sally, am I supposed to guess? Out with it!”, I said. Sally told me it was tomato soup and I almost fainted.

Tomato soup?! Who ever heard of such a thing. So, I took a deep breath and tried some. Oh. My. Word. It was outstanding. I hope you all enjoy this cake recipe as much as I do. Please, let me know what you think of it in the comment section, below.

Recipe courtesy of Group Recipes and Simple Moments.



Quick Tip: This tomato soup cake goes great with your favorite ice cream. I like butter pecan.


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