Saddle Up For Some Seriously Deep 7-Layer Salad

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7-layer salad is one of those side dishes that never gets old. I can recall the first time I had it. It was during a church potluck back in Michigan, where I used to live. It wasn’t made in a trifle bowl as the picture shows but rather in a rectangular casserole dish. I’ve made it both ways. Anyway, the stuff was good! I think all I ate was 7-layer salad and just skipped right over the entree.

Which, if you want a light lunch, you must certainly can do. Nobody ever said that 7-layer salad has to only be eaten as a side dish lol! One of the ingredients that stood out most to me were the peas. You have to use frozen green peas as canned won’t work.

The texture of frozen peas are much crisper than canned and the taste is fresher. I am a bargain shopper through and through but I prefer to use Bird’s Eye frozen green peas as they have such a great flavor. Make sure you use real mayonnaise, too.

You can also use salad dressing but I prefer the real mayo. The flavor is just so robust! This 7-layer salad is very easy to make and you should give it a shot, today 🙂

Recipe and photo courtesy of Group Recipes and



Quick Tip: To save time, purchase pre-cooked bacon.


  1. vwhite says

    You need a print prompt on your recipe site, cant get it to print

  2. Faye Teague says

    I omit the celery and use cauliflower instead. I never have any left, no matter where I take it.

  3. terry says

    why do you need the sugar?

  4. Mia says

    I love this salad and would it all the time during the summer. The only thing I do different is I use fresh green onions and Hormel bacon bits. Can’t go wrong with this. Delicious.

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