Put Your Hands Together For Sticky Caramel Pecan Banana Cake!

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Serve this delicious cake at your next luncheon or family get together and it will become a favorite. This cake was very popular back when families still ate dinner together at the kitchen table. It was also popular at informal get-togethers such as potlucks or card games. What I wouldn’t give to have lived back then. I swear I think I might have been born in the wrong time era lol! I would love to have nothing more than a card came with friends and slice of caramel banana cake to look forward to on a Saturday night. How about you?

Mom used to make this cake and serve it for desert. She always bought bananas specifically for this cake and let them fully ripen before she used them. And the caramel was so good that she always let us lick the bowl clean.

Sometimes she would even make a little extra if we were behaving that day. This cake makes a wonderful breakfast treat with your favorite cup of coffee or tea. Yum!

Recipe and photo courtesy of Just A Pinch and Thankful Heart.



Quick Tip: Be sure to use well-ripened bananas. You can speed up the ripening process by placing the bananas in a paper bag with a few apple slices.

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