These Pizza Bites Are Da Bomb!

We gave my mom a pretty hard time when we were younger. Maybe it was just because there were four of us boys. Boys are no doubt rougher around the edges, and they can drive moms to the brink of insanity I am sure. We were always horsing around, getting into trouble, and just being wild and crazy. Well, until Dad got home, then it was a different story. My mom, no matter what we did to her, would always try her best to please us.

She knew we were “hungry, growing boys,” so she always tried to give us a nice afternoon snack when we would get dropped off by the bus. One of the best things she ever made were similar to these pizza bombs from Spend with Pennies.

We all loved pizza, so to have it for a snack was amazing. Whenever these were on the table, we gave Mom a little bit of a break from our antics, mainly because we were stuffing our faces. Now that I’m older, I try and do whatever I can to show my mother how much I love and appreciate her.

Sometimes, I even make these for her! She never really got many with all of us around back then.

Recipe courtesy of Spend with Pennies. Photo credits to Big Dude Likes Food.


Quick Tip: Stuff with all of your favorite pizza toppings.


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