No Monkeying Around Here When I Make This For Breakfast!

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I was talking to my mom today and telling her that I think it is so funny how each of us girls has a signature dish.  We all know the same recipes that we grew up with, yet somewhere along the way, we ventured out to new stuff and found something that became ours.  My mom, for example is the master at a mandarin orange salad.  It is a creamy cool whip, condensed milk and mandarin orange mixture poured over a crust of crushed ritz crackers with butter and sugar.  It is to die for!

My main dessert is cheesecake.  Although nothing fancy in and of itself, I have learned to master it and it comes out perfectly every time.  Now my sister…her main dessert is monkey bread and it is darn delicious.

It has a perfectly fluffy interior which almost poofs in your mouth when you take a bite out.  The glaze over the top is so delicious, almost like a donut glaze.  She has really mastered the art of a monkey bread and even plays with flavors like adding chocolate chips or raisins.

Both are good and she does them well.  Today I am sharing with you the recipe that she uses.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Cincy Shopper.



Quick Tip: Let this fully cool before picking at it, because the sugar will crystalize and burn you.

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