New York, New York, Show Me Your Most Delicious Cookies!

If I had to pick one dessert, just one, and it would be the only dessert I got to eat for the rest of my life… it would have to be New York cheesecake. It’s so delicious – not overly sweet, and it’s perfect for any occasion. It’s definitely festive enough to serve at graduation or anniversary parties, but you could also make one “just because”. You know what I mean, don’t you? We all need “just because” desserts!

That being said, sometimes I don’t feel like making a whole cheesecake for dessert. Sometimes it’s easier to have the kind of dessert you can easily bring with you – or have for breakfast when you’re in a hurry. I’m talking about cookies, of course!

Chocolate chip cookies used to be my favorite until I came across this brilliant recipe over at Food Network. I never would have thought of making New York cheesecake cookies but as soon as I saw these, I knew I had to have them!

Trust me when I tell you these cookies are so much easier to make than you would think, and the end result is so amazing you’ll probably never need another cookie recipe again. These are to die for! Perfect to bring with you on a picnic with friends, and definitely the highlight of your next dinner party.

Recipe courtesy of Food Network. Image courtesy of Just The Basics.


Quick Tip: Serve with a cup of your favorite coffee!


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