Mashed Potato Frosting? What The….Wow It’s GOOD!

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The other day I was perusing the internet for fun and exciting recipes to share with you all. I came across this mind-boggling recipe for mashed potato frosting on one of my most favorite websites, Mennonite Girls Can cook. Now, just like you, I was quite taken aback upon first hearing about this recipe. After I gasped, and groaned, and made a few other weird noises, I came to the conclusion that it can’t be all that bad.

After all, the Irish make candy out of taters, right? Right! So, just like any good little lass, I made a double batch of mashed potatoes for dinner that night and saved the other half for this amazing frosting. I guess you could say that the frosting making adventure that I was about to go on would take place the next day.

Who wants to cook after dinner? Not, I. Believe it or not, the directions for making this fun frosting out of everyone’s favorite starchy vegetable are very easy to follow. The frosting turned out really good.

In fact, you couldn’t even tell that it was made out of mashed potatoes. Crazy!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Mennonite Girls Can Cook.




Quick Tip: This recipe is for a chocolate flavored frosting but, feel free to get creative and use other extracts to personalize this creamy confection.

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