Make It A “Date” With This Date Bread!

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I love bread. I love the carbs, I love the light and airiness of it, I love the way it feels and how it tastes.  Everything about bread is so amazing to me, I can never get enough. And I really mean it.  I will go to a restaurant and ask for a side of bread, and I will generally eat just about any bread you set before me.  I love it so much.  It does not matter what kind of bread it is, I want it!

Well, my neighbor Anne knows how much I positively love bread so every time she bakes a loaf for her family, she makes a double batch and brings one on over.  She always brings it under the condidtion that we can sit outside on my porch with a cup of coffee and have a chat while we enjoy it together.  And we always do.

Well, the last time Anne passed by, she dropped off this date bread.  I thought date would be a bit strange in bread, but she told me it was good and not to try it until she came back.  Unfortunately, I could not wait… I took a little bite out of the corner. And it was amazingly delicious!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Melissa Norris.




Quick Tip: Add in some cranberries if you’d like, as well.

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