Low And Slow Cream Cheese Chicken

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Last year, I finally got to take time out for myself and do something that I love. I actually joined a woman’s bowling league. We would meet every Tuesday night and go up against the other teams from around the county. It gave me a break from the normal work, home, sleep routine. It was a nice break, and I really did enjoy it. At the end of the season, we took home the trophy for having the highest overall scores. It was so very exciting.

What was even more exciting, was the potluck dinner we got to attend. When I started looking for what I was going to put on my plate for a main entree, I opened a crock pot full of chicken that looked just like this one from Food.com.

It took up a big portion of my plate, but I didn’t care, especially after I tasted it. It was so juicy and tender. I was sure to track down the woman that made it, Michelle, and get the recipe. I can now make it for my family at home in place of our normal, boring chicken breast.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Food.com.


Quick Tip: Serve over rice or noodles.

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