It’s Only Logical To Turn Cinnamon Rolls Into A Cake…Right?

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Every Sunday of my childhood, my mom and dad would always make cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Sometimes they were homemade, other times they were out of a can. Either way, they kept up this tradition pretty much our entire childhood…and I think they still do it to this day. Those days that we had the store-bought cinnamon rolls they were good, but they were never as good as the homemade versions.

I think that sometimes they skimped a little because it was just so much easier and faster. After I found this recipe on The Girl Who Ate Everything, I started to think that if they would have known how simple a cinnamon roll cake was, we would have probably been having that instead.

Now that I know how to make it, and even that it exists as an option, I carry on the tradition of Sunday morning cinnamon rolls, only with a little bit of a twist. I never have any trouble getting my kids up for church when they know this is what’s waiting for them.

Recipe and photo courtesy of The Girl Who Ate Everything.


Quick Tip: Add nuts or raisins.

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