Jump And Jive Cheddar Chive And Bacon Biscuits

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When we were moving to our new house, I swore it was the last time that I was ever going to move again…it’s so much work! I enlisted some help of a few friends with a promise of making them a nice homemade meal. After all the work was done, finally, I had to go into the kitchen and get to work. I had everything I needed to make a nice pasta dish, but when it was done, it didn’t look like there was going to be enough to feed everyone.

I didn’t want anyone to walk away hungry after all the hard work that they had done for us. So, I remembered a recipe for biscuits that I had seen on The Seasoned Mom and decided to whip up a few batches.

They came together really easily and they were the perfect addition to our pasta dish. Everyone took at least two, the were hungry! These were really good and they really helped me spread the meal over a larger group of people.

I use this all the time now when we have more company than what I expected. They are a nice treat!

Recipe courtesy of The Seasoned Mom. Photo credits go to Heather Christo.


Quick Tip: Bake in bulk and freeze for later.

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