I’m Saying “Yes, Please” To This Disney Treat!

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I love a good cup of hot cocoa to warm myself up on a cold winter day.  I know, most people enjoy it on a cold winter night, but that does not stop me.  I am so cold right now (it’s 69 degrees in Miami, but still, I am just freezing), I am wearing a hoodie, have a blanket over my legs and am enjoying a cup of hot cocoa as I type.  I may be exaggerating since it is not that cold compared to other places, but for my body, this is just too much!

That is why I have been on a hot cocoa streak all day. Now, I do not drink just any hot cocoa.  Sure, Swiss Miss saves the day sometimes, but I like to make my own hot chocolate.

I prepare my ingredients well in advance and then make it whenever I am craving a cup.  Sometimes I double the recipe and save some in the fridge for later.  My favorite recipe, though, is this Disney World version.

It is full of chocolatey flavor and I promise you, it has a little spark of magic.  It is sweet, chocolatey, and perfectly delicious for any cold (or hot!) day!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Six Sister’s Stuff.



Quick Tip: Top with whipped cream and marshmallows.

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