Here’s Your Morning Coffee…And Cake!

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When me and my husband decided to travel across six states for the first time to see his parents after we had our baby, we had to plan things out perfectly. I wanted to make sure that our precious bundle of joy would have the most relaxing ride in the vehicle as possible, not only for her, but for us as well. That’s why we decided to do our driving at night.

Naturally, this is when she was going to do the most sleeping, so we would have to do the least amount of stopping. It worked out fairly well, really better than what I thought it would.

Even so, by the time we got to my in-laws house, we were both exhausted, and starving. Lucky for us, there was a delicious coffee cake like this one from Just A Pinch waiting for us on the table when we arrived.

We each took a nice big chunk of it and as we were finishing up, my husband’s parents came downstairs. Thankfully, they took the baby, and we got to get some rest!

Recipe and photo courtesy of Just A Pinch.


Quick Tip: Use raisins instead of caramel chips if you prefer.

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