Ground Sausage, Rice, And Celery Have Never Tasted Better!

Casseroles truly do make the world go around, wouldn’t you say? I mean, they are every busy mom and dad’s best friend. Casseroles make it easy to get a healthy meal put together and in the oven in two shakes of a lamb;s rail. I think that’s why my mom used to make them so much. There were five of us kids and she was always super busy.

I don’t really remember disliking anything that my mother made for dinner. Well, one time she made liver and onions and I wasn’t to keen on that LOL

So, anyway, this celery, sausage, and rice casserole is pure bliss to eat. It’s creamy and filling. I could eat this as both an entree or a side dish, it just depends on how hungry I am, I suppose. You’ll like this casserole, I promise 🙂

Recipe and photo courtesy of Tasty Kitchen and Basilmomma.




Quick Tip: If you’d like to use regular white rice, feel free, and if you use regular brown rice (that takes longer to cook), add about 1/2 cup extra water or stock to the casserole before cooking. Keep in mind that the rice may not cook quite as quickly. Just taste it before you take it out of the oven, and add more liquid and/or cooking time if needed to finish the rice!



This sounded yummy until I read the recipe.. We can’t have any cream soups with meat .. It’s the milk content.. so do you have any ideas for substitution?

Hi, Sly! Try making your own cream soups but use a plant based milk instead such as coconut milk or almond milk. Almond and cashew milks are best, in my opinion, and don’t have an overly strong flavor so they won’t bother the taste of the casserole 🙂

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