Great-Granny’s Moist Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake With Sweet Pudding Frosting

When it comes to chocolate cake recipe I am in the kitchen trying to learn how to bake up the sweet concoction quicker than you can say, “dinner time!” I love my chocolate cake and I love learning how to make different recipes that have been passed down through the generations. This amazing chocolate cake recipe has been passed through the hands of many grandmothers throughout the ages. And guess what? it contains a secret ingredient that you would have never guessed would taste good in a chocolate cake.

I’m sure you have all heard of women using sour cream and various other “weird” ingredients to make cakes with but have you ever heard of using mayonnaise? I know, right?! Me neither! Come to find out, I’ve been eating chocolate mayo cake for years because that is my granny’s secret ingredient!

Mind blown. Seriously, I had NO idea. Another little secret that grandma had up her sleeve concerning this cake was pudding frosting. If you have never tried pudding frosting youdefinitelyy ought too. Wow! Is it ever amazing. Talk about sweet, smooth, and silky. Yummo!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Just A Pinch.


Quick Tip: My granny swears by using homemade mayo in this recipe. You don’t have to do this but, well, grandma says that it tastes better than any store-bought brand 🙂


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