Grandma’s One-Pot Old-Fashioned Goulash

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Whenever I say that we are going to have goulash at  my house, the moans and groans that come out of my kids are like something out of a horror movie. My husband and I grew up on food like this so he loves it when I make it, and so do I. I don’t want my kids to go hungry though, it’s kind of my job. I usually make them something extra, which is way more work than what I want to do most times.

Good thing they are happy with buttered noodles. The last time I made goulash, my son started to get curious. It was this recipe that I found on Recipe Lion that I was trying out for the first time.

I’m not sure if it was the aroma of the seasonings or the idea of putting cheese in it that got his attention but I had it. “Can I try some mom?” Magic to a mom’s ears if they have finicky eaters. “Of course you can!” He loved it and even ate the leftovers the next day. I think we have a winner!

Recipe is courtesy of Recipe Lion. Photo credits to Gonna Want Seconds.



Quick Tip: Garnish with sour cream and cheese for a unique flavor.


  1. joan dugan says

    Don’t call it goulash, call itJohnny Marzetti. Maybe that will help. If you’re from Ohio or the Indiana, or PA that’s what we call it. My mother used to call it”conglomeration” but she was original.

  2. Linda says

    I love goulash, but this recipe sounds better than the one that I make.

  3. Carol says

    My Mom used stewed tomatoes. And in MA we call it American chop suey.

  4. Ruthie says

    When does Bay leaf go in

    1. Karla Golden says

      bay leaves goes in when you add the sauces. Be sure to take them out before you serve. SO don’t crush them.

  5. Sherry says

    I don’t like Hunts products, flavor is bitter and too strong. I use Campbell’s tomatoes soup.

  6. sharon says

    too much for just me and my husband can
    i cut it in have

  7. Karla Golden says

    My grandmother put cream style corn in hers. Still a good recipe with or without the corn. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Elaine says

    When you make goulash don’t boil the macaroni just add it to your meat and tomatoes,and boil till macaroni is tender,you will be surprised how much better it taste and thick it is. Put bay leaf in before you add macaroni….bet you won’t make it any other way again.

  9. Ellen says

    In ME we call it. American Chop Suey but we don’t put in the spaghetti sauce.

  10. Sue Riche Knight says

    my mom used to make this in Shawnee Pottery Corn Casserole dish..bake slow in oven..really delicious..

  11. Paula says

    I love this sight because it has many recipes I grew up with but have been lost Thank you

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