Grandma’s Hearty Bean And Ham Soup…With No-Soaking Required!

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When Grandma was in the kitchen, everything was done the old school way. There were things that she did in there that I would have never caught my mom doing. She didn’t have the time. Mom worked a full time job, Grams was always a full-time stay-at-home mom…so her work was in the kitchen a lot of the time. One thing that she did that I never understood, was have a bowl of beans soaking, almost at all times. I think her and Grandpa ate a lot of meals with beans in them or something. One day when I was over there, I finally asked her what the beans were all about.

She told me they were for her bean and ham soup. Bean soup? Never heard of it. She said well you’re just going to have to stick around and wait for some then. I think I spent the night that night, because the soup wasn’t going to be ready until the following day. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was well worth the wait, but who has time anymore to wait for soup to cook overnight?

That’s why when I found this recipe on Spend with Pennies I was so excited to try it. I got the same yummy flavor, without all the waiting around. When I made it for Grams she was shocked when I told her it was done in one day. Maybe I taught her something?

Recipe courtesy of Spend With Pennies. Photo credits to Everything to Entertain.


Quick Tip: Replace the seasoning packet with a few bouillon cubes of your favorite flavor.

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