You Are Going To Love The Twist On This Classic Dish!

Cheesy and full of meat, this is a hearty dish your whole family will love.

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About 2 years ago, my husband and I traveled to Philadelphia on a whim.  We really wanted to travel somewhere and looked for a cheap flight out of Miami to go somewhere for the weekend.  Well, Philly popped up for under $100 for two round trip tickets so we jumped on it.  And well, we are so glad we did! We took the evening flight right after my husband got off of work and got there right before 9pm.  At that time, we knew we wanted dinner so we figured we had to get a classic: a Philly Cheesesteak!


Well, I have to admit, after a long time of waiting around for that Cheesesteak at the airport, it was pretty disappointing.  However, we knew the best was yet to come.  The next day, after breakfast we did a walking tour of the city.

Everything was positively amazing, but we could not wait for the lunch hour to hit so we could go visit a real little cheesesteak cart.  We were so impressed!  The authentic Philly cheesesteak was full of cheesy goodness, lots of green peppers and onions and totally delicious!

Recipe courtesy of Who Needs a Cape? Image courtesy of Pinterest.




Quick Tip: Add in any of your favorite chopped veggies.

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