Go Ahead And Take Seconds Of This Cheeseburger Casserole

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Friday night book club with all of my girlfriends happens only once a month, and I think it’s my favorite day of the month. I finally get to get out of the house, away from the stresses that go along with raising kids and taking care of a husband, and really just enjoy some adult time talking about and doing what I like to do. Every woman needs to do this. Find something that you are passionate about, like books, and take some time for yourself.

Don’t feel guilty about it either. We all deserve it. Every once in a while, if we have a really long book to discuss, or a big topic to talk about, we will hold meeting a bit earlier and do dinner together too. The last time it was my turn to provide the main entree.

I found a recipe for cheeseburger casserole on Recipe Lion that said you could eat it guilt free because it actually wasn’t bad for you. That went along great with our theme of the evening, so that’s what I made.

It was a huge hit among all my friends! I will be making it again for sure soon.

Recipe courtesy of Recipe Lion. Photo credits go to Pinterest.


Quick Tip: Any reduced fat cheese can be used.

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