Give This English Muffin Bread Recipe A Try. It’s Delicious And Nutritious!

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I absolutely love bread.  I think I have mentioned that once or twice in the past…okay, well maybe I have told you all a lot about my bread obsession.  But I mean, how can I not? Bread is so amazing as a main course with something over it, in sandwich form at any point of the day, or as a side with another dish.  I mean really, think about it, what could possibly be better than a nice and toasty, perfectly round garlic roll with your pasta dish at your favorite Italian restaurant? I mean, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. 

Anyway, I really love bread for breakfast.  My husband is not a huge fan.  He likes his eggs and bacon, maybe with a side of toast, but definitely not the other way around.  Well, I started serving him English muffins with his meal, but as much as he liked the taste, he was not fond of the English muffin style sandwich. 

So I decided to take the idea of that amazing bread that I loved, and turn it into sandwich bread.  I found the perfect recipe and whipped it up one afternoon and now we are both obsessed.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Restless Chipotle.






Quick Tip: Slather this bread with your favorite jam.

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