Get Your Napkins Ready…These Chicken Wings Are Sticky!

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My husband and I don’t have a very interesting story when it comes to how we met. It was at the local pub when we were both out to dinner with a group of friends. Our eyes caught each other from across the room, and I’m pretty sure we both blushed. Luckily for us, we each had a friend that was connected to the other group, so we got our introductions that night. Our first date was at that same restaurant where we shared a plate of chicken wings.

He was a bit shocked I think that I was brave enough to eat the messy food on a first date, but he later found out I’m not one to hide who I am. After we were married, we continued to visit that same place week after week to share our favorite meal. That was, until we had our first child.

Those first few weeks I didn’t feel like going out or taking the baby out. My beloved husband came up with the perfect solution, and he made these chicken wings from Spend with Pennies for us at home. I knew I loved that guy!

Recipe courtesy of Spend with Pennies. Photo credits to Flying Dog Brewery.


Quick Tip: Serve with Ranch and Bleu Cheese.

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