Easy As 1, 2, 3…No Bake Reese’s Squares

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My daughter is very active in sports. She plays volleyball, softball, and basketball. She is athletic, and she enjoys it, so if she loves it, so do I. Some of these game days that she takes part in can get extremely long. That is especially true for volleyball. They have Saturday tournaments against all of the other local schools. These tournament days can last from breakfast until dinner time. Of course, they aren’t playing that whole time.

A lot of the times there are hours or more in between games. When they have the larger breaks, they sit together as a team and eat probably the only meal that they get that day. The moms usually all try and bring something for everyone to share instead of doing a brown bag lunch.

Last time, one of the moms brought these Reese’s no bake squares that looked just like these ones from Food.com. Even though I’m not on the team, I was sure to grab one of these little morsels from the table. They were just as good as they looked. I made sure to steal this recipe before the end of that long Saturday!

Recipe and photo courtesy of Food.com.


Quick Tip: Line your pan with parchment paper before baking for an easier cleanup.

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