Delicious Stuffed Meatballs Made In The Slow Cooker

Meatballs are probably one of my family’s weaknesses. My husband loves meatballs because he can eat them with anything-rice, bread, or pasta. It’s a pretty versatile dish and he wouldn’t mind eating it every day. My kids love them because they’re easy to eat for them. They can just nibble on the meatballs once a piece is caught on a fork. I also make my meatballs pretty soft and chewy because that’s how we all loved them.

This is where my best friend, the slow cooker, comes in. Whenever I want to cook meat for my family, I rely on my slow cooker. It means the end result will be tender and moist meat that’s perfect for anything.

I cooked meatballs on my slow cooker one day. I decided that we all deserved a really good meat recipe after a few weeks of hard work. So I took out my slow cooker and prepared my meatballs.

I have my own meatballs recipe, but I made it more special by adding cheese inside the meatballs. I got the idea from Cookies And Cups, which has the most amazing ricotta stuffed meatballs recipe.

A full copy of the ingredients and the instructions for this recipe can be found on the next page. Don’t hesitate to make this one for your family because they will surely love this! You can never go wrong with an amazing recipe like this!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Cookies And Cups.


Quick Tip: Use really lean ground beef so you wouldn’t have as much grease in the slow cooker. You could use ground turkey too.


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