Cool-As-A-Cucumber Salad: Cukes Marinated To A Tangy Tongue-Tantalizing Twist!

Nothing beats a side of marinated cucumbers on a hot summer day. However, I’ve bene known to make these cukes in the dead of winter, too. They are seriously just that good, folks. Plus, these cukes are very easy to make. My grandmother refers to this recipe as “marinated cucumber salad” but I like to refer to it as “heaven in a bowl” lol! They are so tangy. I love it! Even my picky eater children enjoy this dish and so does my husband. This recipe is going to be your new favorite.

Check out what my friend Amy Herald over at Just A Pinch had to say about this recipe:

My Grandma always used to make these and they’re awesome. I could never find the recipe that had just the right amount of each ingredient. Through a lot of years of trial and error, I finally found the formula! Enjoy!

Your grandma sounds pretty dang awesome, Amy! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe with us.



3 cucumbers, peeled and sliced

1 small onion, peeled and sliced into rings

2 c cold water

1/4 c Domino granulated sugar

1/4 c Bragg’s apple cider vinegar

1/8 tsp McCormick celery salt


1. Layer slices of cucumbers and onion in a large bowl.

2. Combine remaining ingredients and blend thoroughly. Pour marinade over cucumbers.

3. Chill cucumbers at least 2 hours. Use slotted spoon or fork to serve chilled marinated cucumbers.



Quick Tip: This recipe is best made with sweet vidalia onions.

Thanks again to Just A Pinch for this amazing recipe.



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