This Caramel Pecan Banana Cake Will Make You Play A Knee Slappin’ Tune On Yer Fiddle!

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Caramel, bananas, AND pecans? What an amazing flavor combination… Why had I never thought to try this before?! Who knows, but I’m super glad that the notion entered my noggin now. This cake is super easy to make and leaves your house smelling like a professional pastry bakery as it is baking. You won’t be able to wait until the cake is thoroughly cooked before you start chowing down.

But trust me, you will want too as this cake is worth the wait. The first time I had caramel pecan banana cake it was at a church potluck. One of the elderly ladies had brought it along with her and let me tell ya, that cake platter was clean in about 2 minutes.

Okay, maybe not two minutes but you get my drift. Everyone loved this cake and we all asked the lady for her recipe. Don’t you just love church potluck desserts?

Recipe and photo courtesy of Just A Pinch and The Thankful Heart.


Quick Tip: You can easily double this cake when needing to feed a large crowd. You’ll need two pans.

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